Power your House with Solar Energy

Power Your House with Solar Energy

Become a part of the clean revolution and get home energy from the sun. Smart homeowners vouch for emerging solar solutions due to their limitless benefits.

Why Solar Energy is the Future for Your Home

Lower Energy Bills with Solar Power

Why pay thousands of dollars in bills every month when you don’t have to? No matter what climate you live in, solar energy can easily power the house for less money. In addition, countless homeowners enjoy reduced energy costs after solar installations.

Do Your Part for the Environment

Typical energy generation negatively impacts the planet. In other words, with every passing year, the environment is challenged to keep up with energy demands. Most importantly, change starts at home. Choosing solar is the first step in promoting ecofriendly practices.

Available Tax Rebates for Solar Customers

Did you know that homeowners can earn tax rebates when they opt for solar energy? Depending on where you live, you might be eligible for an income tax credit. Moreover, individuals can even save up to $10, 000 or more in rebate value!

Solar 101: All You Need to Know

How to Choose the Right Type of Solar Panels

Monocrystalline Solar Panels

Made with pure silicon crystal, these solar panels are divided into separate wafers. They are known for their lasting power alongside impeccable space efficiency compared to other panels.

However, monocrystalline panels are also expensive due to their pure silicon formulation and high production cost.

Polycrystalline Solar Panels

By integrating various different crystals, polycrystalline panels are the result of a highly efficient production process resulting in minimal waste. These square slabs are relatively more affordable than those made of pure silicon. However, lower heat tolerance means that energy conversion isn’t as efficient. If you live in an area with consistently hot temperatures, polycrystalline panels are a great choice as they have more sun hours to absorb enough heat.

PERC Solar Panels

PERC is an innovative twist on monocrystalline panels whereby an additional passivation layer enhances overall efficiency. Internal light reflection magnifies radiation, triggering more heat and greater energy conversion. Even higher light wavelengths are reflected which are usually missed by traditional monocrystalline sheets leading to lost heat from the back. Therefore, PERC solar panels are best suited for homeowners residing in smaller units. In conclusion, a higher initial investment is countered by incredibly low average energy costs.

Thin-Film Solar Panels

Thin film panels are lightweight and slightly flexible, which eases the installation process. They are mostly known for their customizable size, in that, clients don’t have to settle for standard dimensions. Typical advantages include low material consumption, tunable properties, and shorter energy payback period. So, if you’re looking for maximum efficiency, thin film solar panels aren’t the best choice.

Why a Warranty Matters for Solar Energy

Investing in solar energy is no small expense. Since you’re spending such a huge chunk of your hard-earned money, it’s only fair you’re covered by a lengthy warranty. As a new renewable energy customer, you might be surprised to learn that solar panels flaunt a performance warranty up to 25 years with at least 80% efficiency and a production warranty of up to 12 years.

Crucial Solar Panel Certifications

Not sure which solar panel certifications you should be looking for? For a reliable solar installation, you should choose a company with official recognition for their technical know how of PV design and expertise.

  • Solar PV Certifications
  • PV Installer Professional
  • Photovoltaic System Installation Certification
  • Certified Installer
  • Solar Thermal Installer Certification

Solar Panel Mounting

Experienced contractors will know exactly what kind of mounting is compatible with your roof. Every project is unique which is why there needs to be room for design flexibility and maximum energy generation. From on-roof to in-roof solar panels, there are plenty of different choices to fit your specific needs.

What to Expect for Your Solar Home Project

Surge in Home Value

Recent research proves that residential units with an installed solar system average at least 4 % higher than the rest. As the world continues to move to renewable energy resources, this percentage for home value is expected to increase.

Return On Investment

While the upfront installation cost is certainly high, solar energy offers amazing returns to homeowners. With warranties that last decades, you can expect lower per unit costs, an amazing tax credit, and government incentives. Increasing electricity rates means you’ll be saving thousands of dollars in the long term.

Backup Power

Relying on non-renewable energy sources can be a disappointment when the power goes out. As the global crisis worsens, challenges tied to energy resources are right around the corner. So, why not shield yourself when traditional utility fails? With solar, you can protect yourself from blackouts.

Discover More About Solar for Your Home

Getting Started: Navigate Your Journey to Solar Adoption

Are you ready to shift to solar? Investing in renewable energy is the best decision you will ever make. Getting started, however, can be a bit challenging. So many questions need to be answered! Here’s what you should know.

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