Adding Solar Panels: A Perfect Way to Boost Your Home Value

Solar additions are the perfect way to add value to your home and make it more energy efficient at the same time! In many cases, these additions can make the difference between whether you will be able to sell your home or not, so it’s well worth it to invest in this effective, green technology. Here are some of the ways that solar additions will benefit you and your home.

Solar Panels: More Bang for Your Buck

Solar additions for homes are an excellent way to add value. Most solar contractors will recommend purchasing solar in conjunction with other energy-efficiency upgrades, as it can reduce your home’s carbon footprint, cut monthly utility bills and make your home more appealing to potential buyers. While there may be some initial investment required, most solar installations pay for themselves within 7–10 years. As a home improvement project, Solar systems are one of the few projects that have the potential to keep adding value for 20+ years!

Additionally, homeowners can receive a one-time tax credit of 26% off the purchase price of a solar system. With an average price of $20,000, you can expect a $5,200 tax credit on your next filing. Some utilities will also offer additional incentives and rebates for installing solar power. It pays to check with your local energy provider to see what incentives may be provided to increase your savings.

Solar Increases Your Home Value

Solar additions have helped home values go up. For example, adding solar in the state of Massachusetts adds $9,300 to the value of your home! Adding on a range from $10,000–$15,000 in new systems over the last few years is just one way people are profiting from the future of energy. If you’re looking for an investment return with a green twist and would like to add value to your home, consider adding on solar.

Solar Always has You Covered

Installing solar panels is a great way to add value and functionality to your home. By pairing your solar panels with battery storage, you can provide yourself with automatic backup power if your utility fails. You can even use it to reduce your electric bill by leveraging your stored solar energy when utility rates are higher during the day through time of use billing. As long as the sun is shining, you are generating energy and storing it to reduce your bills or for use on those rainy days.

Going Green with Solar Additions

When you add solar panels, the benefits will last long after the process is complete. For one thing, solar energy costs less in the long run. The typical lifespan for solar panels is 25-30 years, and that is only increasing with new technologies being deployed. But when you factor in rising utility costs and environmental concerns, it becomes even more of a no-brainer. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that every dollar spent on renewable energy returns $2-4 in health and environmental benefits. For an average homeowner even in some of the United States cooler climates, the use of solar panels for a home can offset the carbon equivalent of 2.2 passenger cars every year.

Where to Begin with Solar Upgrades

Th best place to start is by working with an installation professional. They will conduct a needs assessment on your home to get the information you need to make an informed decision on your solar project. You’ll likely have many questions along the way, but don’t be afraid to start looking into it! Our partner solar installation companies typically offer free consultation to help you assess your home’s potential for solar. They will also talk with you about your home’s overall energy efficiency, solar panel options, and financing or leasing options for homeowners.

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