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A Home Warranty Protects Your Home and Covers What Matters Most

A home warranty is a plan that helps cover the cost of repairs or replacement for home systems and appliance. It provides protection for by offering discounted repairs and replacements for your home appliances when they break down due to natural wear and tear. It’s different from home insurance which covers unnatural damages to your home. With this coverage, you don’t have to worry about paying straight from the pocket when your expensive equipment suddenly breaks down. And you get to cut down on repair time and costs.

Benefits of Having a Home Warranty

  • Save Money on Expensive Home Repairs

Home appliances like HVAC and water heaters are expensive, coming out of pocket. They’re not appliances the average homeowner wants to replace. A home warranty helps you slash down the repair or replacement cost, and ensure it’s done quickly. So, you don’t have to worry.

  • Access to a Quality Contractor with Your Home Warranty

Home Warranty companies work with independent contractors that handle the repair and replacements. So, you don’t have to spend time searching for one when a problem occurs. You can just call them to help address whatever issues are taking place and know that you are working with a vetted provider.

  • No DIY Skills Required

If you aren’t used to handling repairs on your own, a home warranty can give you some peace of mind. It provides you with the convenience of making a single phone call to getthe help you need if something breaks or falls into disrepair.

home warranty 101: All You Need to Know

What to Look For in a Home Warranty Plan

Coverage Plan

Also known as a service agreement, a coverage plan lists the items in your home a company is willing to cover and in what condition.

Since this is about home appliances that matter to you, ensure the warranty you’re buying covers all the essential items you use.

Know the Limits and Exclusions

Limits and exclusions reveal:

• How a company plans to assist with the repairs or replacement of your item.

• When the plan no longer covers your damaged item.

• How much you save using their coverage.

• And how much you pay out of pocket to meet the repair cost.

Additional Terms & Conditions

There are a number of additional clauses you want to make sure that you understand about the plan.

  • Do they have a waiting period for when coverage starts?
  • Are aged appliances or systems excluded? What counts as a pre-existing condition (and may not be covered)?
  • Do you need a home inspection to get coverage?
  • Are there long term committments or can I choose how long I want coverage?

What Happens When I Use My Coverage

Your home warranty is only valuable if it provides the coverage you are looking for. It is imporant to understand what happens when you file a claim.

  • Do they provide guarantees around how fast a technician will be sent?
  • What happens when an item needs to be replaced? What if a replacement isn’t available?
  • Do they have friendly and helpful customer service?

Types Of Home Warranties

As mentioned earlier, warranty companies often offer multiple plans. These plans typically focus on different categories of items in your home. The home warranty plans typically include systems, appliances, or a combination of both.

Appliance Warranty

This plan focuses on other major fixtures in your home that impact your daily routine. They typically include the dishwasher, oven/cooktop, washer/dryer, water heater, refrigerator, garbage disposal, etc.

System Warranty

This service agreement focuses on your home’s major systems like electrical, HVAC, smoke detectors, ceiling fans, plumbing, and garbage disposal. These systems generally affect the home, and require a quick fix in the event of a breakdown.

Combination Warranty

With this plan, you can get full coverage for your home. As the name suggests, it provides coverage for the systems and appliances in your home. Here you’re often allowed to choose from an extensive list of home equipment you like covered. It can also include things like a pool or spa, garage doors, and major electronics.

How Home Warranties Work

Replacing or repairing a broken home appliance like a refrigerator can be expensive if the manufacturer’s warranty expires before the appliance does. Having a home warranty can save you the hassle and cut down on your expenses. Here are the steps you take when using your home warranty.

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