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Over time, grime, weather, and outdated styles impact the aesthetics of your home’s windows. Not only does this affect curb appeal but also reduces the functionality of your home’s exterior. Replace old windows and create the home of your dreams.

Signs its Time to Replace Your Windows

Apparent Damage To Your Windows

Windows replacement is overdue when you notice visible damage. Everything from cracked glass to rusted frames cause a variety of issues. Damaged windows  encourages the growth of mold and mildew, leading to severe respiratory health issues for the entre family. Similarly, damaged windows increase the chances of a break in.


Are the inside of your windows covered with steam or droplets of vapor? That’s a big sign you should be paying for an upgrade. Simply put, this means the airtight seal is degraded to the point where it’s doing nothing.

Faded Fabrics and Woodwork

While natural light is great, UV rays fade the vibrance of your carpets and furniture. Unfortunately, conventional windows are not layered with UV protection glaze. On the other hand, most new options on the market come complete with this essential feature.

Constant Draft

Feel chilly all the time even when your electric heating system runs 24-7? Old windows let in air sneakily enough that you might not notice at first. However, small openings do more damage than you think. Besides obviously leading to an unpleasant indoor environment, you’ll also bear the burden of hefty energy expenses.

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How to Choose the Right Type of Windows for Your Home

Single Hung Windows

Characteristic of classic 90’s homes, single hung windows are great for small rooms and apartments that look over the shed, garden, or road.

These are most commonly installed in second story areas due to their basic design. To top it off, they’re affordable, don’t take much time to install, and prevent pesky air leaks. As only one sash is moveable, operating them is also quite simple.

Double Hung Windows

Show off in style with double hung windows, a crowd favorite among homeowners for many reasons. For one, they’re much more aesthetic than single hung varieties and offer more ventilation. With two sashes that open either inward or outward, these windows counter the side effects of elevated humidity inside the house. Although these take longer to install, they’re easier to maintain, and less prone to dirt buildup. Choose between plenty of different designs to complement the current aesthetic of your residence.

Sliding Windows

In the market for replacement windows? Take it up a notch with the gorgeous sliding door variety. Over the years, sliding windows have become extremely popular. They’re easier to maneuver and gently glide open without force.

In terms of quality, the glass is lined with special glazing that retains indoor temperature through its incredible thermal insulation properties. As these windows are made with just a few parts, you won’t have to wait an entire day for the installation process. Further benefits include ample ventilation, natural light, and ease of maintenance.

Awning Windows

Awning windows might not be the most common type out there but they have their own set of unique benefits. These windows can be installed higher up within your walls, so homeowners benefit from sufficient ventilation and a breezy effect. Their pleasant aesthetic naturally ties the room together, especially second stories and attics that reveal an outdoor view.

Additionally, awning windows are weather-tight and less prone to mold growth, frosting, and moisture leakage. So, if you’re not a fan of traditional windows, this one is bound to impress you due to its highly customizable features.

Benefits of Replacing Your Windows

Lower Energy Costs

Are your energy bills skyrocketing through the roof? If your HVAC system is working fine and nothing else seems to be wrong, rest assured, old windows are the reason why your bills are so high. Traditional homes, especially those built decades ago, feature single pane windows that let heat escape. On the other hand, modern windows have low-E coating and argon glass that ensure energy efficiency.

Increased Safety

Jammed windows aren’t a problem on a regular basis, but they are life threating during emergencies. In the event of a fire or other catastrophes, you and your family are trapped in a dangerous situation. Today’s modern windows have easy to open/close locks and weather resistant properties, making access ten times easier.

Reduced Noise

Your home is a safe haven but when loud noise constantly interrupts your comfort, what’s the point? Single pane windows offer poor noise reduction due to loose fitting and thin panels. However, with newer windows, you’ll enjoy peace and quiet for as long as the sashes are shut.

Lower Carbon Footprint

Old windows force your HVAC system to work harder, increasing your carbon footprint. So, if you’re eager to help the environment, supplement your efforts with a window replacement, and amp up energy efficiency while lowering your side of the eco-burden.

What to Expect When Replacing Windows

Once you decide to replace your windows, it’s time to speak with a professional. Here’s what you can expect once you start the process of estimating through the installation of new windows.

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