Gutters: Are They Really Necessary?

Gutters are part of the roofing system that directs water away from your home, which means that gutters aren’t necessary in every home. Still, they are definitely a valuable addition to every home that requires them. But what makes gutters so important? Why are they so useful? And why are some homes exempt from needing gutters? In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the value of gutters and why they may or may not be necessary in your home.

Some buildings have them, some don’t

Some buildings are manufactured with gutters built in, some include them as an option, and others don’t offer them at all. If you have a brand-new building, gutters might be included. However, if you’re moving into an older building that already has its roof on, odds are gutters aren’t necessary. Most likely, they were taken off during previous home improvement projects. If your gutters are older than 15 years or so, they could probably use replacing to protect your property from leaks. It’s also worth noting that not every state requires gutters to be installed on homes in residential areas.

Single-story houses need gutters

The main reason why single-story houses need gutters is to protect your foundation. Gutters trap and divert rainwater runoff, keeping it from flowing off your roof and pooling on top of your foundation. This can lead to rotting and water damage, which costs thousands of dollars to repair. It’s also important to note that many single-story homes don’t have gutters, so they’re not a necessity. However, if you’re considering replacing gutters because you’ve got rusting or leaking ones, don’t do it immediately. First, make sure you first look at other options like cleaning them or putting new gutter guards in place.

Gutters aren’t always included in your roofing package

Gutters aren’t included in every roofing package. If you have a steep roof and/or a gutter system already installed, it might be difficult to include gutters in your roofing project. However, there are certain situations where you should definitely consider adding gutters as part of your roof replacement. If you notice leaks and/or water damage around your home, or if you live in an area that receives a lot of rain each year, you should consider gutters. It’s a good idea to consider whether adding gutters to your roofing package could save you time and money in future repairs. Let us connect you to a local contractor who can help guide you through some of these considerations as well.

When you shouldn’t have gutters

In order to answer whether gutters are necessary, we have to talk about when they aren’t. For starters, gutters on homes without sloped roofs aren’t necessary. In this case, gutters would be a waste of money and resources. Gutters are also not required on homes with flat roofs (the ones you see on your typical ranch house). It is still possible to install gutters on flat roofs but doing so would require special brackets that keep them from dumping water into your living room. Gutters may or may not be included in roof replacements. Every roofing company has their own policy regarding after-market installations.

Estimate the cost of installing gutters on your home

Before you replace your gutters, there are a few things you should consider. First, do you need new gutters? What’s the condition of your current gutters? Do they have missing or damaged pieces? Do they leak on rainy days or after heavy rains? Gutters help redirect water away from the home and reduce some of the damage done to homes with flat roofs. A simple way to estimate the cost of replacing your gutters is to add up how much it would cost for materials plus labor to do the job and then add 10-15% for unforeseen problems. You can also use that basic number as a place to start negotiating when talking with contractors. Estimate what it will cost to install gutters on your home: The main thing to remember when estimating what it will cost to install gutters on your home is that prices vary widely depending on where you live and who does the work. Gutters generally protect your home and your investment. We can connect you to a professional today who will help guide you through the process.

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