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Now is the right time to get into powering your home with solar energy. You can lower your energy bills and earn tax rebates all while doing your part for the environment. The costs of solar panel installation and maintenance have come down significantly in the last few years making it a great time to start a solar installation project.

The best way to get a solar project started is to talk with the right solar professionals. They can provide free estimates on how much you can save in energy costs, what types of solar energy systems best fit your needs, and what it will take to install the perfect system.

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The Benefits of Installing a Solar Power System

Surge in Home Value

Recent research proves that residential units with an installed solar system average at least 4 % higher than the rest. As the world continues to move to renewable energy resources, this percentage for home value is expected to increase.

Return On Investment

While the upfront installation cost is certainly high, solar energy offers amazing returns to homeowners. With warranties that last decades, you can expect lower per unit costs, an amazing tax credit, and government incentives. Increasing electricity rates means you’ll be saving thousands of dollars in the long term.

Backup Power

Relying on non-renewable energy sources can be a disappointment when the power goes out. As the global crisis worsens, challenges tied to energy resources are right around the corner. So, why not shield yourself when traditional utility fails? With solar, you can protect yourself from blackouts.