Roof being repaired

5 Signs You Need a Roofing Replacement

If you’re thinking about getting new roofing on your home, but aren’t sure if it’s the right time, then this guide to understanding when to replace your roof may be exactly what you need. Roofs do more than just protect your home from outside elements; they also keep all of the expensive things inside protected as well. That’s why you should think about replacing your roof. If you notice any of these five signs, then it’s in serious need of replacement or repair.

The sound of wind

When you hear a whistling or screeching sound when wind passes over your roof, it’s likely time to start thinking about roof replacement. Holes that have formed in your shingles are likely causing them to whistle and will make it more difficult for you to control how much water leaks into your home. If your roof is older than 10 years old and you live in an area where heavy winds are common, it’s best to replace your roof soon to avoid water damage from leaks. One helpful way to decide if a new roof is needed: once you walk around on top of your house and listen carefully, it’s possible to tell whether there are any weak spots or sections with damaged shingles that need replaced.

Dampness in the walls

Even a small amount of moisture in your home’s foundation can cause damage to surfaces throughout your living space. It doesn’t matter whether you have mildew on your walls or water pooling under your carpet, either one is a sign that you need to make sure you’re installing a new roof. Even if you don’t notice these signs, it’s a good idea to monitor for them. If you see any indication of dampness inside your home, let us connect you to the right professional for the job. A leaky roof can lead to serious structural problems and could cost thousands more than just replacing it with a brand-new one.

Mold in and around your home

Mold is a strong indication that your roof needs a replacement. The roof protects you from sun and weather, but if it’s leaking or broken down, it can’t protect you from mold, pests and other contaminants. If you see any signs of mold in your home – black spots on walls or ceiling tiles, musty smells around vents and sinks, etc.,—and don’t take action immediately to correct it, you could face serious health problems down the road. In fact, even small amounts of indoor mold exposure are linked to respiratory issues like asthma. For more information about preventing these types of problems in your home, complete our form for further assistance. A new roof will prevent water damage to your property and keep you safe from dangerous substances like mold.

Damage to furniture, rugs, etc.

If you find stains or tears in furniture, rugs or even your clothing, a leaking roof could be to blame. If water is escaping through your ceiling and dripping into these items, it means that there are holes in your roof. These holes will continue to expand if you don’t get them taken care of quickly. The only thing you can do to prevent further damage is have a new roof installed as soon as possible.

Shingles curling up at the edges

Shingles that curl at their edges aren’t doing a good job of protecting your home. Sooner or later, they may break off entirely, leaving you with a gaping hole in your roof and pouring rain inside your home. In addition to curling up at the edges, you should also keep an eye out for shingles that have black spots or those that look worn and brittle. If you see either of these signs, it’s time to get a new roof. A new roof can be expensive, but when compared to replacing all of your furniture after a water damage incident, it’s worth every penny. Let us connect you to a professional roofer as soon as possible! Not only will he help fix any issues you have immediately, but he can also give you advice about what to do next and what kind of roof would work best for your home.

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